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Matar Paneer Pizza

You can find paneer in most supermarkets and independent international stores. If you can’t get paneer, use halloumi. For a vegan version, use an extra firm tofu, tossed in nutritional yeast and quickly fried before using as a topping

This also works using spinach in place of the peas for a sag paneer pizza


2 large or 4 small plan naan - shop bought

3-4 tablespoons natural dairy or plant based yogurt

3 teaspoons tandoori masala spice blend. Or make up your own using your favourite spices such as cumin, turmeric, coriander, chili powder, etc

1 200g pack of Paneer or Firm Tofu – diced

Frozen peas

Whole cumin seeds

Garam Masala – about a teaspoon or so


Red onion – optional. Sliced thinly

Put the oven on 200C

Lay the naan onto a baking sheet

Mix the tandoori masala or spice blend with the yogurt and spread over the naan

Top with the peas, then arrange the diced paneer on top

Sprinkle some cumin seeds and garam masala over, then the red onion if using. You can also add some finely sliced fresh chilis if you want extra heat

Put in the oven for around 10-12 minutes until hot and the paneer starting the char