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Spinach & Squash Pancakes


1 cup plain flour

1 cup milk

1 egg

butter for frying

250g tub ricotta

Handful of basil leaves, chopped

Small amount of lemon zest (I used zest from about ¼ of a lemon

125g mozzarella torn into pieces

1 red pepper – deseeded and cut into large chunks

½ red onion – sliced

1 small aubergine – sliced into 1cm thick pieces

2 small courgette – sliced into 1cm thick pieces

30g vegetarian parmesan or pecorino cheese

Olive oil

1 clove garlic, chopped

400g can chopped tomatoes

1 red chili – finely chopped

Start by making the pancakes. Mix the flour, milk and egg in a large bowl to form a thinnish batter. You may need to add a little extra milk

Heat a large non stick frying pan. When very hot, add a small knob of butter, then about ½ cup of the batter and swirl around to cover the base of the frying pan. Fry for about 1-2 minutes, flip over and do another 1 minute on the other side. Remove from the pan and repeat. You should get five or six pancakes from the amount of batter depending on the size of your frying pan

Now for the filling…
Heat a griddle until very hot. Fry the peppers, aubergine, onion slices and courgettes until browned and softened then leave to cool. If you don’t have a griddle you can roast in the oven for 20 minutes or so. When cool, roughly chop everything

To assemble …
Lay the pancakes out on a clean tea towel to form a rough square two pancakes across and three down. If you only managed to make five pancakes from the batter then use 2½ down. Mix the ricotta and chopped basil and spread evenly over the pancakes. Tear the mozzarella and distribute over the pancakes too. Now spread the chopped vegetables and cover with some of the grated parmesan, keeping back a couple of tablespoons for later

Now take one end of the tea towel and gently but firmly roll the pancake up into a long cylinder. Cut into slices about 3cm thick and lay on their side in a baking dish. Sprinkle with the remaining parmesan and add a little ground black pepper

The sauce is simple. Heat the olive oil then add the onion, garlic and chili and fry until softened. Add the tomatoes, cover and leave to cook for a few minutes. Add a little salt and pinch of sugar and keep warm

Heat the oven to 200C then put the pancakes in the oven for 10 minutes until warmed through and the cheese is melting

Serve the pancakes with the sauce